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Skyartec Aluminum Case For Micro Helicopter

Skyartec Aluminum Case For Micro Helicopter

Item No: Skyartec-CASE-SurfaceMail 
Please notes: This item is heavy and near 2kg. It is shipped by Surface Mail and must be shipped alone. Other item(s) cannot ship with the case to avoid the weight is over limitation for small package. Cation: If you are in hurry to get it, please do not order it. It is shipped by Surface mail as ship and train. It may take up to 10 weeks for arrival. Thanks for your understanding.

Sold Out
(Included WorldWide Registered Surface Mail Shipping)

Item No: Skyartec-CASE-AirMail 
This will be shipped by Registered Air-Mail. Refer from some customers, they do not want to wait for too long since Surface mail may take up to 90 days by ship and train. If you want it arrived much sooner, please choose this. Thanks for your understanding.

Sold Out
(Included WorldWide Registered Air-Mail Shipping)
Please notes: On the shopping cart provided by Paypal, it will show the the case as $44.99, and $5 shipping as US$5 shipping is default setting.

This aluminum case is produced by Skyartec for their WASP 100 Nano CP. Whole Sets aluminum case version of Skyarte WASP 100 Nano CP arrived to my warehouse and the cases were opened one time for taking out the set of WASP 100 Nano CP as sold separately. Picture is one of cases and it should show the condition.
The slot of helicopter is 100% fit with WASP100 Nano CP, Walkera Super CP, Mini CP, Genius CP, and Super FP. (They are same sizes helicopters.) The transmitter slot is in standard size and can be used with Walkera 7, 8S, 10.... etc. Smaller transmitter like 7E, few pieces of air bubble paper or a large piece of medicine cotton may be needed.