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Welcome to my hobby store. I'm selling Walkera parts because flying these are my hobby.
Hope all can enjoy this hobby and satisfy my service. Your support are my power of keeping this hobby store.

No matter how many parts you order--
The worldwide insured shipping is ONLY US$5.

Limited Offer
The limited offer price is lower than factory price. All sales are final. No return or exchange. No extra service can be provided. Guarranty 100% brand new.
Reason of special offer that selling lower than factory price: Hopefully, this special sales can bring more customers and buying with other parts. Limited Offer sale is displayed under this page only but not under the parts' pages.

V120D03 Tail Brushless Controller (WK-WST-10A-L2)
Item No: HM-V120D03-Z-11

Price: US$24.00 Limited Offer: US$6.88
100% Brand New. Original Walkera. Factory Sealed.
All sale is final. No return or exchange.

Limited in stock. Each order can order 2 Sets only.

Sold Out

HP08S Outrunner Brushless Motor
(Mounting Screws and pinion are Included.)
Weight: 8.4g (Included wires weight)
Size (Diameter): 13.8mm
Shaft (Diameter): 1.5mm
kv : 13200
Mounting Screws Included. 
Pinions are not included and available here.
Item No: HM-4G3-HP08S

Price: US$41.95 Limited Offer: US$8.88
100% Brand New. 
All sale is final. No return or exchange.

Limited in stock. Each order can order 1 Set only.

Sold Out

7mm Powerful Tail Motor
1mm Shaft 7mm Powerful Motor
Item No.: Tail-Motor-7mm

7x16mm Motor is very common tail motor that is used on many helicopters. Specially this is high power motor. It locks the tail for Super CP/Mini CP/Genius CP prefectly! When use on Super CP/MiniCP/Genius CP, you may need the 7mm motor holder. There is new CNC 7mm tail motor holder availabler here.
 It has 1mm Shaft. Many tail rotor can be used such as CB100, 4#3B, 4G3, 4#3Q or WASP Nano 100 Tail rotors 

Price: US$7.95 Limited Offer: US$1.28

100% Brand New.
All sale is final. No return or exchange.

Limited in stock. Each order can order 10 set only.

Sold Out

HiSky HCP80 (FBL80) Helicopter BNF
Item No: HiSKY-HCP80-BNF

100% Brand New. Fully Tested.
Price: US$109.00 Limited Offer: US$48.88
All sale is final. No return or exchange
The HCP80 (FBL80) is fully tested.
(Testing included Receiver Blinding -> Build-in Gyr->Servo->Motors Spin->Test flight. All parts are fully tested before packing.)

Limited in stock. Each order can order 1 Set only.

Sold Out
Item Included
o 6CH HCP80 (FBL80) Flybarless Helicopter  (Newest Version with HCP80 Canopy)

o Spare Main and Tail Rotor and Accessory

**No Transmitter/ No Charger/ No Battery

Skyartec WASP Nano CP Skyartec 6CH WASP Nano CP 100 Brushless Helicopter and 7CH Transmitter in Super Great Deal RTF with Professional transmitter!

Skyartec Aluminum case for Micro Helicopter (Suitable for Mini CP/Genius CP/Super CP)

Also full body spare parts are available. (LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER NOW!)

Please click here to have more detail.

(26/01) New Arrival:
HiSky HCP60 Spare Parts
HiSky HCP80 V2 Spare Parts
(06/01) Happy New Year
New  Arrival:
HiSky HCP100S Spare Parts
(18/11) Re-Stocked:
HiSky  HCP80 BNF Helicopter, HiSky HCP100 BNF Helicopter
(29/10) Re-Stocked:
Walkera V120D02S Replacement Gear, WL Toys V977 Receiver/ Servo, CNC Tail Motor Holder for Super CP/Genius CP/ Mini CP
New Arrival:
XP-12A ESC for V120D02S, Master CP Main Motor HeatSink, V977 CNC Tail Motor Holder, Skyartec WASP100 CNC Tail Motor Holder,  WLToys V977 Tail Motor HeatSink
(28/07) V120D02S Colors Main Rotor Blades and Replacement Gear are newly arrived,
(17/07) WL Toys V977 Spare Parts are in stock
(31/03) As many customers requested, Skyartec X3V Spare Parts are added.  Listed with "Add to cart". they all are in stock and can be shipped next business day without holding and let you keep waiting.
(17/12) Newly Arrival: 7mm Tail Motor CNC Holer for Super CP/Mini CP/Genius CP, 0.7mm Pin for Walkera's Gear Puller (Using for remove copper cab and replace servo gear of Super CP/Mini CP/Genius CP)
Re-Stocked: Super CP Helicopter BNF, Mini CP Main Motor, Super CP Main Frame Bearing, New V120D02S CNC Rotor Head

(10/12) Newly Arrival:
HiSky HCP80 (FBL80)/ WLToys V933 Helicopter,
HiSky HCP100 (FBL100)/ WLToys V922 Helicopter,
HiSky HT-8/ WLToys WL-T6 Module

(30/08) Re-Stocked: Skyartec WASP100 Nano CPx Brushless CNC Helicopters, Skyartec WASP100 Nano CNC Rotor Head/12A Brushless controller
(21/08) Re-Stocked: V120D02S Servo & Canopy, Genius CP Servo, V120D02 Main Rotor Shaft, QR W100S Motors & Propellers,
(8/08) New Arrival: W100S Spare Parts
Re-Stocked: Super CP Helicopter BNF, V120D02S Metal Swashplate, Master CP Metal Servo, M120D01 Servo Holder Set
(2/08) New Arrival: HiSky FBL100 Spare Parts
Re-Stocked: HiSky FBL80 Spare Parts
(12/07) New Arrival: Replacement of Servo Gears for Super CP/ Genius CP/ Mini CP
(05/06) New Arrival:  Skyartec Brushless WASP Nano CP Helicopter RTF/BNF and CNC Spare Parts
Newest Brushless Version WASP Nano CP Helicopter
Re-Stocked: New V120D02S Receivers/ CNC Kit/ CNC Swashplate, Master CP Metal Servo/Tail Motor Cable

URGENT: Please inform your pilot friends and let your favour RC forum notes that: V120D02S Spare Parts, Super CP Spare Parts, Mini CP Spare Parts, Genius CP Spare Parts, and WASP Nano 100 Spare Parts are in biggest discount sale now. Please help me spread out the BIG SALE information. Thanks for your help and notification.


FPV for Micro Models (Add a cool camera with LED light on your Mini CP/ Genius CP/ Super CP/ WASP Nano CP/ Ladybird/ Other micro devices)

 UP02 Tools UP02 Adapter

UP02 Tool + UP02 Adapter
UP02 tool is used to upgrade the firmware of certains Devo Transmitter
UP02 Adaptor is used with UP02 Tool for upgrading certain receivers
This Combo contain UP02 Tool and UP02 Adapter

US$19.95 Now Only: US$14.95