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Welcome to my hobby store. I'm selling Walkera parts because flying these are my hobby.
I have ordered many parts at low cost & want to share the savings with all of you that share my interests.
No matter how many parts you order--
The worldwide insured shipping is ONLY US$5.

Walkera 4G6 Parts
Please notes: Green cell parts are same as 4G3 parts and 4G3 parts may be sent. Depended on the stock available. Thanks for understanding.
Other Brushless Motor, esc, and useful stuffs can be found here.


4G6 Main Rotor Blades
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-01
Price: US$5.00 Final Sale: US$3.30

Only Black Color Available

4G6 Flybar Set
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-02
Price: US$2.50 Final Sale: US$1.20

4G6 Flybar Steering Ball
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-03
Price: US$2.50 Final Sale: US$0.99

4G6 Flybar Paddle
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-04
Price: US$3.50 Final Sale: US$2.50

4G6 Ball Linkage Set
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-05
Price: US$5.00 Now Only: US$4.50

4G6 CNC Main Blades Holder
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-06
Price US$9.00 Final Sale: US$5.00

4G6 CNC Rotor Head Set
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-07
Price: US$12.00 Final Sale: US$6.50

Sold Out


4G6 CNC Swashplate
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-08
Price: US$10.50 Final Sale: US$6.50

Sold Out


4G6 CNC Blade Controller
(Same as 4G3 one but in silver colors)
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-09
Price: $5.50 Final Sale: US$4.50

4G6 Main Shaft
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-10
Price: US$4.00 Now Only: US$3.50

4G6 Main Rotor Shaft
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-11
Price: US$3.00

Sold Out


4G6 Tail shaft set
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-12
Price: $3.50 Final Sale: US$2.00

4G6 Fixing sleeve set
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-13
Price: $2.50 Final Sale: US$1.50

Sold Out


4G6 Hold frame
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-14
Price: $2.50 Final Sale: US$1.00

4G6 Main frame
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-15
Price: $7.00 Final Sale: US$5.50

Sold Out


4G6S Skid landing
Item No: HM-4G6S-Z-16
Price: $6.00 Final Sale: US$4.50

Sold Out


4G6 Servo holder
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-17
Price: $3.50 Final Sale: US$2.50

4G6 Main gear
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-18
Price: $4.50

Sold Out


4G6 Gear set
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-19
Price: $4.00

Sold Out

4G6 Tail driven shaft
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-20
Price: $3.50

Sold Out


4G6 Tail boom

OEM Tail Boom
Item No.: OEM-4G6-Tail
Price: US$1.88
Walkera Tail Boom
Item No.: HM-4G6-Z-21
Price: US$4.00
Sold Out

4G6 Tail strut
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-23
Price: $2.50 Final Sale: US$2.00

Sold Out



4G6 Fixing sleeve set
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-24
Price: $3.00 Final Sale: US$2.00

4G6S Fixing sleeve set
Item No: HM-4G6S-Z-24
Price: $4.00 Final Sale: US$2.50

4G6 Tail motor holder
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-25
Price: $2.50 Final Sale: US$1.50

4G6 Tail blades rocker
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-26
Price: $2.50 Final Sale: US$1.50

Sold Out

4G6 Tail steering set
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-27
Price: $3.50 Final Sale: US$2.50

4G6 Tail blades holder
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-28
Price: $3.50 Final Sale: US$3.00

New Version

Sold Out

4G6 Tail blades
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-29
Price: $2.50 Final Sale: US$1.50

4G6 Canopy
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-30
Price: $4.50 Final Sale: US$3.50

Sold Out

4G6 Bearing set
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-31
Price: $5.50 Final Sale: US$4.50

Sold Out


4G6 Screw set
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-32
Price: $2.50 Final Sale: US$1.50

V120D02 Receiver RX2610V
Item No: HM-V120D02-Z-12
Price: US$65.00 Final Sale: US$40.00

Final Sale, No return, No warranty

4G6 Battery (3.7V 600mAh)
Item No: HM-4G6-Z-37
Price: $8.50 Final Sale: US$5.00

4G3/4G6 Wooden Main Rotor Blades
(Black & Red Sticker Included)

Item No: HM-4G3-Wooden
Price: $3.50

Sold Out