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Welcome to my hobby store. I'm selling Walkera parts because flying these are my hobby.
I have ordered many parts at low cost & want to share the savings with all of you that share my interests.
No matter how many parts you order--
The worldwide insured shipping is ONLY US$5.

Walkera 5.8G HD FPV Camera

Walkera 5.8G HD FPV Camera (Ladybird NOT included)
Item No: HM-FPV-Camera
Price: US$88.00 Special Offer $48.00

Sold Out

Item Included
o FPV HD Camera TX-5805
----No Transmitter, No Ladybird---

Area 1 [Spare Parts]:
Australia, Japan, and New Zealand
Add $16 Upgrade to EMS

Area 2 [Spare Parts]:
Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Netherland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United Statue
Add $23 Upgrade to EMS

Area 3 [Spare Parts]:
Estonia, Hungry, Israel, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates
Add $28 Upgrade to EMS

FPV HD Camera